10 Pizza Delivery Horror Stories

Over the years, pizza delivery drivers have witnessed many awkward things, been in very creepy situations, and gathered hundreds of pizza horror stories to tell. For Halloween, we thought it would be a good idea to collect some of these and save them for a spooky night. These are some of the craziest pizza horror stories out there.

1. Halloween in January

At Hungry Howie’s® we love Halloween décor, but for this poor delivery guy the decorations got a little too real. After all, no one is expecting to see a blood splattered man with a knife on a dark January night.

2. Meet Margery

There’s no doubt delivery drivers get to meet unusual people. We love them each and every one of them, even with all their weird quirks. But sometimes they say things that can creep out even the most seasoned delivery person. We like pickles too, but we don’t name them Margery.

3. The Last Meal

Truth be told, you never know what your last meal will be. That’s why we make sure to eat as much pizza as possible. But, this is definitely a pizza horror story to remember. Anytime you’re making a delivery the last thing you want to see is police men rushing to the door.

4. The Pizza Ghost

When delivering to a public place like a hospital, many things can happen. But, we never expect patients to be there and suddenly disappear. Seriously, they were there a second ago, we promise! Spooky.

5. The Pizza Ritual

Everyone has their own rituals when eating pizza. We make sure it's coming from Hungry Howie’s®, that we order some Howie Bread® on the side, and of course that we’re tuning into one of our favorite pizza TV shows.

6. The Man with A Smile

Not all delivery horror stories are real. But this one is worth sharing because of its thrilling and scary timeline with tons of suspense. Thankfully this story is not real, but it would be a great horror story if you’re ever staying in a cabin and decide to order pizza.

7. The Murder Case

This is the kind of story you see in movies and strange TV shows. But when you hear this real-life story, you have to believe it. This delivery person was delivering to a house of horror.

8. The Noise Upstairs

Anytime there’s an empty house, an old lady, and a two-story home, there will be some sort of noise upstairs. Dragging, gasping, and maybe voices. We all know it could just be an old cat or dog, but our imagination makes us think of the worst.

9. The Blood Pool

Delivery people usually get a brief glimpse of what’s going on in your house. Sometimes that might just be what show you’re watching, and sometimes it might be a pool of blood in the background. We would prefer to see the first one only and never the latter.

10. The Locked Door

Delivery drivers know for a fact that they should never go inside someone's residence. Once you’re inside someone’s house, a lot of things can happen. However, sometimes they tend to follow instructions as a courtesy to the customer. After a few minutes inside the house, this delivery guy had plenty of reasons to be scared for his life.

We want to apologize if you get pizza horror nightmares after reading this. We’ve heard eating Hungry Howie’s® pizza will make you happy before bedtime, so perhaps search for pizza delivery in my area, order your favorite Flavored Crust® pizza, tip your delivery driver, and avoid another horror story.