Competitive Edge

Look no further than our famous crust to see why Hungry Howie’s Pizza has an edge over its competition. We are the home of the Original Flavored Crust.  Mouth watering seasonings baked into the edge of the pizza, make the last bite as good as the first. Whether it’s Sesame, Garlic Herb, Cajun, Ranch or one of our other flavorings, our “crustomization" makes our crust special and unique. Others have tried to copy it, but Hungry Howie’s is the home of the Original Flavored Crust.

Hungry Howie’s prides itself in using only the freshest ingredients. The dough is prepared fresh daily in each store using only the highest quality products. The result is a better tasting pizza which attracts a loyal customer base. 

Success in today’s marketplace rides on having a distinct point of difference over your competition. Hungry Howie's has that EDGE. Become part of one of the best pizza franchise companies in the country. Start a pizza business with Hungry Howie's today!

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