28 Adorable Stories of Animals Stealing Food, Including Pizza!

Friday Mar 9, 2018

When it comes to food. including pizza, our furry animals are willing to go to great lengths to grab a slice for themselves. These adorable animals went above and beyond to get their share of food, even if their owners didn’t appreciate it. But, we know how hard it is to resist a cheesy, crisp, tasty pizza slice, and don't get us started on that cupcake. So, there’s no way we can get mad at these little guys.

From furry puppies to sneaky cats, and even some funny-looking raccoons, these adorable stories of animals stealing food will teach you one thing: don’t ever leave your food unattended – ever.

Dog Stealing Pizza

This is what happens when you leave your pizza slice unattended.

Racoon Food Thief

Let me help you with some portion control, my friend.

Cat Stealing Pizza

They don’t need all this pizza, I’m just going to help them by taking this little piece right here.

Dog Pizza Thief

This dog learned a new trick. We’re pretty sure the owner is regretting that today.

Metro Pizza Rat

The NYC subway rat will be our pizza hero forever, no questions asked.

Pizza Stealing Fail

Epic snack stealing plan went wrong for a little kitten.

Dog Steals Cupcakes

One for you, one for me, right?

Cat Steals Pizza

I’m just going to slowly take this pizza slice. You know, for quality control, of course. I don’t want you to get food poisoning!

Dog Steals Food

Well, we knew Dalmatians were smart, but this dog took it to the next level. Whatever he's pulling out from that toaster, we hope is one crispy reheated pizza slice coming our way!

Adorable Rabbit Steals Baby Food

Little baby, sugar is bad for you, let me save you from that cookie!

Dogs and Pizza

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! We get it little puppy, pizza is very exciting for us too!

Cat Food Fight

This cat was like “If he doesn’t want it, I’ll take it, thank you!”

Cat Wants Pizza

“It's just a little bite. I promise,” he said.

Food Stealing Master Plan

Here’s a quick food stealing master plan tutorial from these dogs. Learn from the masters.

Pizza Selfie Fail

Never (ever) take a selfie with your puppy and a pizza slice together. Ever.

Pizza Jump

Never underestimate a dog for its size ever again. How can we get him into the World Pizza Games?

Dog vs Pizza Box

Dog vs. pizza box. Classic match.

Popcorn Raccoon

Quickly, he is not looking, he is not looking.

Cat Eating Baby Food

It’s okay kiddo, I’ll eat the rest.

Cat Gifs

Should I? No, that’s wrong. Never mind, who cares!

Dog Wine

You had too much wine already, let me take this.

Raccoon Stealing Food

You look a little bit chubby cat, let me take this for you.


Breakfast is served, everyone.

Puppy Stealing Food

Sorry birdie, this is mine.

Fun GIFs

Quick, she’s distracted, just swoop in and snatch that churro.

Cat vs Tea

Let me just get a quick sip, just a tiny sip.

Bird Steals Chips

Breaking News: a bird breaks into a store and runs away with a bag of chips. No, this is not fake news.

Dog GIFs

Alright, no one’s looking. Quickly, jump, grab it and keep walking as no one is watching.

These little furry guys definitely know their way around food. Honestly, if you take your eyes off them for a minute, they might just end up stealing your last Hungry Howie’s® pizza slice. Or even worse, your whole pizza pie.