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Monday Aug 10, 2020

This year, make sure you plan on celebrating National Relaxation Day. Yes, that’s a thing. Even though it falls on a Wednesday, you can still have the most relaxing day, with pizza of course.

Tuesday Jun 9, 2020

Freezing leftover pizza may be the best pizza hack of them all. There is no better thing in the world than heating up a leftover slice, but sometimes we just can't eat it in time before it goes bad.

Tuesday Jun 2, 2020

October celebrates National Sausage Pizza Day, and to celebrate we’re looking at the best Flavored Crust® pairings for sausage pizza. Because who wouldn’t want a pizza with an extra punch of flavor?

Monday May 18, 2020

Leftover pizza is a crowd-favorite. Sometimes, a slice from the night before tastes even better in the morning.

Thursday May 14, 2020

If you thought the pineapple pizza topic was a hot debate, we have another one for you. Would you eat mustard pizza? The question made national headlines last year, as people scratched their heads at such a seemingly odd culinary combination.

Friday May 8, 2020

When you're stuck at home, things to do can be difficult to think of. You've reorganized your closet, you've scrubbed the windows and the bathroom mirrors, and you feel like you've watched basically every television show and movie on every streaming service. What else is there to do?

Wednesday May 6, 2020

What's the perfect Mother's Day meal? Well, if you ask us, it's pizza of course! There is truly nothing better than a hot, melty, gooey, cheesy Hungry Howie's® pizza and we know quite a few moms who agree.

Monday May 4, 2020

On today, the greatest of all days, May the Fourth Be With You. And, may the fourth pizza be delivered. Wouldn't that be a dream? On this, one of the most significant holidays, a glorious day, may you have not just one, and not two or three, but four pizzas arrive at your door.

Monday May 4, 2020

There's some major pizza love in America. It's a staple of many significant events: sleepovers, birthday parties, family takeout night, team celebrations, and more. If you think about it, there's really no occasion that isn't made better by a large pizza order.

Monday May 4, 2020

There's some major pizza love in America. It's a staple of many significant events: sleepovers, birthday parties, family takeout night, team celebrations, and more. If you think about it, there's really no occasion that isn't made better by a large pizza order.

Wednesday Apr 29, 2020

It might be the largest debate in the history of all debates. Pineapple pizza: yes or no? No one stands somewhere in the middle. You're either intensely pro-pineapple or adamantly against it.

Thursday Apr 23, 2020

At Hungry Howie’s® we love testing your pizza knowledge with pizza quizzes. But this time, we wanted to do something more old-school. A crossword puzzle.

Tuesday Mar 17, 2020

When we order from Hungry Howie’s®, our first option is always pizza. But, we also know that come Monday, we want to give our diet a try again. So, we end up ordering a fresh salad, that’s delicious on its own. Yet, let’s face it, it will never be like pizza.

Wednesday Mar 11, 2020

We don’t know about you, but we love playing friendly April Fools pranks on our best friends and family using pizza

Wednesday Jan 22, 2020

A pizza party is perfect any time of year and for any single occasion, whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or just

Wednesday Dec 18, 2019

If you ask us, there’s no doubt about that old saying “pizza is life.” We can think of a million and one reasons wh

Thursday Dec 5, 2019

The pizza gods finally heard your prayers and delivered the best of two worlds to give us all: deep-fried pizza.

Thursday Nov 7, 2019

Gather together and start building new family traditions with pizza. From pizza night to pizza parties, these family traditions will strengthen your bond.

Thursday Oct 10, 2019

Here at Hungry Howie’s®, there are two things we feel strongly about: pizza and GIFs. So, it’s no surprise that every now and then we merge these two beautiful things together to give you some funny pizza love that you can share with your friends.

Tuesday Oct 8, 2019

The world is filled with creative pizza lovers who can come up with unlimited unconventional pizza topping combinat

Thursday Aug 29, 2019

There are some days when all you can think of is having your favorite pizza slice for lunch.

Tuesday Jul 23, 2019

Summer is the time of year when everyone gets a chance to enjoy the weather, lay back and relax. Between those relaxation periods, there is plenty to do. There are local events, vacations to enjoy, BBQs to indulge in, and so much more.

Tuesday Jul 23, 2019

For those who are living with diabetes, be it type 1 or type 2, pizza is food that can leave you second guessing if it’s safe to eat. The reason pizza becomes questionable is because it comes in so many different sizes and thickness.

Thursday May 31, 2018

Whether you’re preparing for your first 5K Pizza Race or you are ready for your first Pizza Marathon, you have to start training sooner or later. How you get ready for a pizza race will determine if you’ll ever make it to the top five or not.

Thursday May 24, 2018

If you ask us, we don’t really need a reason to choose pizza over going out. Pizza is our best friend. Some of our best memories are with pizza. Plus, going out has its downsides as well. For those Saturday nights where your friends are begging you to go out, we’re coming to the rescue.

Friday Mar 9, 2018

When it comes to food. including pizza, our furry animals are willing to go to great lengths to grab a slice for themselves. These adorable animals went above and beyond to get their share of food, even if their owners didn’t appreciate it.

Monday Mar 5, 2018

Every once in a while we spot some pizza fails that make us cringe. From burnt pizzas to cheese-less pizzas and beyond, we all have been in the presence of an epic pizza fail. This time, we’ve rounded up the ten worst pizza fails. Hopefully, none of these have ever happened to you.

Tuesday Jan 30, 2018

No matter how you looked at it, 2017 was a year with good, and not-so-good, moments for pizza.

Monday Jan 22, 2018

It’s time to test your pizza hunting abilities. If you are a true pizza lover like you say you are, then you will have no problem finding the hidden pizzas in these pictures. Not to brag, but little Hungry Howie found most of them in less than 10 seconds. Do you think you can do better?

Tuesday Jan 16, 2018
Tuesday Nov 7, 2017

When it comes to the twitterverse, there are many topics that get people fired up, from politics to popular TV shows to pineapple on pizza. Yes, you read that correctly – pineapple on pizza is a hotly debated topic on Twitter.

Friday Mar 31, 2017

When choosing a Flavored Crust®, it is important that you choose toppings and crusts that complement each other. With so many toppings clamoring for attention, a cheese Flavored Crust® will let the toppings on your pizza stand out on their own merits.

Tuesday Mar 28, 2017

Hungry Howie’s is dedicated to customer satisfaction, which is why it is important to know what you as a reader have enjoyed on the Hungry Howie’s blog. Here are the top 10 blog posts devoured by Hungry Howie’s blog readers.

Tuesday Mar 21, 2017

If you’re in the mood for pizza, but don’t really want to eat or share an entire pie, pizza rolls are a perfectly sized treat to fulfill your craving.

Tuesday Mar 14, 2017

Many people automatically consider pizza as junk food and try to steer clear of it when adopting a healthy diet or fat loss program. However, if you make healthy topping choices, this is far from the case.

Friday Mar 10, 2017

Are you a trivia geek? When it's pizza trivia, it's never boring. Show off your pizza smarts to your friends with this inforgraphic on fun facts about pizza. 

Tuesday Mar 7, 2017

Pepperoni has been named the number one pizza topping time and time again. And if you love pepperoni, you’re probably enjoying it on more than just pizza. From pepperoni rolls to sandwiches to a cracker topping, there are many ways to enjoy this spicy sausage.

Thursday Mar 2, 2017

Making pizza dough is considered an art form to some. After all, there is literally an association dedicated to cultivating the art of making Neapolitan pizza (Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana).

Tuesday Feb 21, 2017

Ah the Oscars, the glitz, the glamor, and the groaning that your favorite actor didn’t win. The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, recognize excellence in cinematic achievements.

Wednesday Feb 15, 2017

There are the Bens, the Jennifers, and the Beyonce, but what about the famous Howies?

Wednesday Feb 8, 2017

A gluten-free lifestyle can be tough. For many, eating out when they are sensitive to gluten or are following a gluten-free diet is practically impossible.

Wednesday Nov 30, 2016

Jalapeños are medium-sized chili peppers used to add spice to foods. Did you know that jalapeños are actually a fruit?

Monday Nov 28, 2016

Feta cheese is a white cheese made from sheep’s milk that originated in Greece. Some feta cheese is a mixture of sheep and goat’s milk. Similarly brined white cheeses produced in Europe are made partly of cow’s milk.

Thursday Nov 17, 2016

One of the biggest arguments in the world of pizza is based on which style is better, Chicago or New York? The disagreement may never be resolved. Though these two types of pizza are the most popular, there are many other styles.

Tuesday Nov 15, 2016

There are many discussions on the right way to eat pizza. From the folding method to using a fork and knife to eating the crust first.

Monday Nov 7, 2016

Losing weight can be difficult. Although there are many diet plans to choose from, many of them specify that it’s best to stick with lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, that means you will have to control your pizza cravings…or will you?

Wednesday Nov 2, 2016

At both the collegiate and professional level, football season is back. From Saturday through Sunday, football fans engage in watching their teams take on rivals in hopes of getting to the big game.

Thursday Oct 27, 2016

Chicken wings come in many different flavors that can be savory, spicy or even sweet. Americans consume upwards of 27 billion wings every year. Though traditional Buffalo sauce reigns, sauces and dry rubs have become more experimental and flavorful.

Thursday Oct 27, 2016

Halloween has become one of the biggest holidays of the year with Americans spending millions on costumes, décor, and candy. On average, the American shopper will spend nearly $83 this year for Halloween.

Thursday Oct 27, 2016

What is the meaning of life? Is our universe real? Do we have free will? There are many philosophical questions that may never be answered. Fortunately, there is one that we can answer.

Tuesday Oct 25, 2016

Choosing a Halloween costume can be tough, as there are thousands to choose from. You could go as something witty, funny, serious or scary. When you're trying to figure out what to be, you might start thinking about what you like.

Thursday Oct 20, 2016

The pink boxes are back at Hungry Howie's, which means it is October and for every pizza or Howie Brownie™ sold throughout the month, a portion of the sales go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Friday Oct 7, 2016

Having fresh, crisp greens virtually at our fingertips all year round. It’s hard to believe this hasn’t been the case throughout most of human history. This is, perhaps, one of the reasons for the rise of the salad as a meal.

Wednesday Oct 5, 2016

If you find yourself in the position of hosting an event, say a pre-finals bash, a party before the big game or watching the NBA finals or Super Bowl on TV, you may be wondering 1) how come you got nominated, and then 2) how will you manage to pull off this feat.

Monday Oct 3, 2016

Birthdays, graduations, holidays and even anniversaries are often celebrated with a big slice of pizza. For some, pizza brings back memories of spending time with family or pulling an all-nighter at college.

Monday Oct 3, 2016

On the surface, pizza is relatively simple: some crust, some cheese, some toppings and you’re done. You’ve got dinner, lunch, or possibly even breakfast. It is this simplicity that makes pizza such a versatile dish. There are thousands, maybe even millions, of possibilities.

Sunday Oct 2, 2016

The calzone: a delicious, doughy delight filled with various meats and cheeses. No matter what you choose to include in your calzone, it all begins with the dough. If you're interested in how to make calzone dough, you've come to the right place.

Wednesday Sep 28, 2016

Ah, pizza! Only the best food invention ever! It’s great at dinnertime when it is warm and oozing with cheese. But wait! It’s also pretty good when it is cold for breakfast, or anytime in between. There’s no doubt that pizza is one of the most well-liked and easily accessible foods on Earth.

Wednesday Sep 21, 2016

So, you took a look at your love life and decided to give it a badly needed make over. You’ve changed your look, your mindset, and your attitude about life. And, it’s paid off. You now have a phone number or two that you are hoping to turn into dates.

Monday Sep 19, 2016

Although pizza originated in Italy, it has become a favorite throughout the world. "Pizza" is a word that never needs translation, wherever you are.

Friday Sep 16, 2016

A staple in many restaurants and a favorite in many households, breadsticks first appeared around the 14th century BCE in Turin, Italy. These hard, crunchy, pencil-shaped sticks had the consistency of crackers and would last for days.

Wednesday Sep 14, 2016

When you are trying to stick to a low-carb diet, pizza night can be quite the challenge. But you don't have to feel left out while your pals are gobbling down deep-dish crusts smothered in thick layers of cheese-y goodness.

Wednesday Sep 7, 2016

The debate over which is better: New York-style and Chicago-style pizza is probably as old as the pizza styles themselves. Many have tried to compare thin crust New York pizza to thick crust Chicago pizza and declare a winner. Many have failed.

Monday Sep 5, 2016

Even when it is bad, pizza's pretty awesome. And even when you hear about some of the strange things that have been put on pizzas, such as the seaweed and eel pizzas that are all the rage in Japan, you think: I might go for that. There are many pies that sound even crazier.

Friday Sep 2, 2016

At its very core, pizza consists of three main items: sauce, toppings, and dough (or four, if you're like me and put cheese in its own category).

Tuesday Aug 30, 2016

Like the opening credits of a film, or the theme song to your favorite show, the arrival of the antipasto tells you something special is about to start.

Thursday Aug 25, 2016

Ahh…brownies. Chocolatey, fudgy, soft and chewy, cakey, it really doesn't matter. There's just something irresistible about brownies. Some prefer crispy edges so much that there are special pans that create edges on every brownie.

Thursday Aug 18, 2016

What makes a pizza movie moment unforgettable? What makes it iconic? When we’re talking about pizza, an iconic scene would be one in which the pizza took center stage, made the scene, or even the movie, memorable, and most importantly, made you crave pizza.

Tuesday Aug 16, 2016

Hailed (get it?) as one of the greatest recipes to originate in the Americas, the Caesar salad is the perfect companion to any pizza. As with many other crave-worthy cuisines, the Caesar salad is stunningly delicious in its simplicity, with origins that are surrounded in mystery.

Tuesday Aug 9, 2016

Wings and pizza go together like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, chocolate and peanut butter, French fries and ketchup, rock and roll I think you get the picture.

Thursday Aug 4, 2016

Most pizza fanatics will agree that nothing can compare to pizza served directly from the oven, but a pizza delivered directly to your door might be a close second.

Monday Aug 1, 2016

Ah, pizza, what’s not to love? Since this is all about statistics and fun pizza facts, I’ll begin with a bold statement: chances are, at some point in your life, pizza was (and may still be) your favorite food.